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Accomplished and energetic, Dominic Lim is a creative director with a solid history of achievements in the CGI industry. Dominic, founder of Mirage Works; a leader with strong organizational and prioritization abilities. His areas of expertise include Creative Concept Idea, Production Planning and Digital Matte Painting. Mirage Works under his leadership had worked on two notable projects in the Malaysian Film Industry, which is The Transcend (2013) and SE7ENTH (2014). Both of which produced excellent VFX productions (2D effects simulations, 3d animation, 3d particles, digital matte painting), granted under FINAS.

In the past ten years, Dominic has been honored numerous prevalent awards in Advertising including Cannes Lions, Gong Show, SPH iink, Dubai Lynx and Epica Award. Recently, Dominic has been promoted as a certified expert member by Creative Content Industry Guild (CCIG) Malaysia. He has aslo unlocked a major achievement in the Film Industry by being the winner of ‘Malaysia Festival Filem Malaysia FFM 27 (2015) Kesan Khas Terbaik’.




Founded in 2004, Mirage Works is a proficient commercial CGI studio based in the city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Mirage Works specialize in high-end Digital 3D animation, motion graphics, visual effects, photo realistic 3D rendering, digital imaging, matte painting, concept art design, character development, content of projection mapping and illustration of all flavors.


The production of thousands of successful jobs over the past decade has given us valuable experience and skill to ensure the progress of every section of production, meeting demanding requirement of globally diversified portfolios.

林君宇 Dominic Lim KC

King Yee started his career as a visualizer/ graphic designer after graduated from The One Academy. He followed that with work in advertising agency as a designer & eventually become a senior designer with extensive experience in brand building development. King Yee went on to a challenging career in 3d CG productions. He joins Mirage Works at 2008, since then he has produced many 3d/ digital compositing still works for international brands for advertising agencies & production studios locally & across the Asia region. 

King Yee get involved in producing motion works such as animation, matte painting & vfx since 2012. To date, he have help produced VFX for 2 locally produced movies: The Transcend (2013) SE7ENTH (2014) - Winner of Festival Filem Malaysia ke27 - Kesan Khas Terbaik/ 27th Malaysia Film Festival - Best Special Effects In 2015, King Yee has been promoted as a certified expert member by Creative Content Industry Guild (CCIG) Malaysia.

张竞谊 King Yee Teo

Possessed Filmmaking Certificate with International Academy of Film and Television, HK. Worked in a number of short films, music videos, corporate and several product commercials. Course credit include cinematography, directing, screenwriting, producing, sound, editing and lab hours. Familiar with the common aspects of cinematography, industry standard screenplay structure writing, editing, sound recordings. Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English. Basically an aficionado in Art Direction and visual aesthetics. Always have a personal passion in sketching concept arts, prototypes, sets, etc. since childhood. Love developing handicrafts or tools for props.

Familiar with basics and trades of digital cinematography and photography, such as three point lightings, and camera’s functions such as Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO. Under the tutelage of Evangelo Costadimas and familiar with concepts of Harsh, Soft, Ramrandt, Butterfly, Noir, etc.     Is commanding with editing softwares such as FCP (Final Cut Pro), Adobe Premiere, and basic AE (After Effects), DaVinci Color Grading software. Has decent skills in free sketch for storyboarding and conceptual designs for art direction. 

Henry Chan

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